Friday, August 28, 2015

Seniors Often Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Three quarters of a million American citizens - all of them seniors who did not have any intention of harming themselves - wind up in the hospital each year because, through confusion rather than from malicious intent - they poisoned themselves accidently, sometimes nearly to the point of death, and in some cases, too far beyond to be saved.

A study performed by the respected Johns Hopkins University Hospital of Baltimore, MD studied the issue, concluding that seniors are often their own worst enemy because they get confused about what medicines in what quantity, and finally, in their confusion, they take an action that at best makes them very ill and at worst, makes them very dead.

It is a new problem to the United States, as it is to the rest of the industrialized world, where people are living far longer than at any other time in history. That is the good news. The bad news was in the first two paragraphs of this story. Where that leaves seniors - and their families who would like very much to have their ancients live for as long as they can - depends on family resources, a lot of time seeing that older family members come to no harm, and a ton of luck.


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