Friday, August 28, 2015

We All Get One Life: Make It Last!

One of the most important ingredients in an effort to attain a healthy and long lifestyle is knowing what is important for you to do to help you reach that goal. Not many of us would wish for long life that was limited to how far we could go from our bed connected to a breathing tube. And, like everything else in life, preparation for the future by good planning followed by good execution is everything.

To help seniors and those about to become seniors plan for living a long and healthy period after retirement, the federal government has come up with a program designed to help newly-anointed seniors get help they need for a long and healthy retirement. That old rocking chair might be okay for watching a beautiful sunset, but other than that, today’s aging multitudes have agendas that keep them active, fit and involved. Watch out, because Grandma is learning judo in some government program they call Go4Life.

What Grandma is doing, of course, is staying active which keeps both her brain and her muscles in trim, and creates the exercise patterns that keep her heart and body healthy and operating like Grandma was back in her 40s again. It may be kind of tough on Grandpa, but he should have signed up for the program when she did.