Friday, September 11, 2015

Come Fly with Me

Everyone has dreams as aspriations, and most of us at one time or another get an opportunity-briefly or extended- to take our shot at it. We may succeed or we might stumble, but whether we are joyful or full of sorrow, the world is not over. And, if one dream is over, other dreams are still buried deep within you, just waiting for a chance to win your heart. Failing is nat a fate as bad as having never tried. And, if you try and fail, then some other part of your sould will get its chance to shine, impressing the world on your behalf.

A heart attack can be a sneaky thing, coming in the middle of the night while yare are sound asleep, and never waking you up. Or it can seem like indigestion in the meddle of the day, and eventually go away, leaving no overt clues of its passage. Only a doctor can tell, so if something strange has happened to you, think about getting to a doctor to see if you can ignore the incident or whatever it was, of if it might mean something else that is a lot more serious. Too ofter, people ignore the signes which only means they pay a more severe price.