Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dance Every Dance

In a report to subscribers, John Hopkins Medical Letter some months ago informed its readers that during the previous five years, the number of sexually transmitted diseases had jumped by 41 percent, primarily because seniors were more sexually active than ever before in recorded history, and so many of today’s seniors were not only sexually active, they were active with multiple partners. That is what doctors would call good news in disguise. While no doctor is every happy to see sexually transmitted diseases increase, it also meant that seniors were generally more healthy than in other decades, and felt able to do things that seniors of yore could only dream about.

While most of the seniors probably felt they were too old to have to worry about matters, they learned something that younger generations could have advised them about, had there been cross-generational discussions of sex. But, like everything else in life, eventually everything gets thrashed out and everyone moves forward. And, seniors whose partners are no longer alive, are learning that there can be beauty as well as pleasure in male/female relationships that begin at a certain age, and need nothing more than care and trust on the part of both partners to make their final years of life as happy as were the early years. But, it is - and everyone has to re-learn how today’s standards function - not the world of your grandparent’s day - but it works just fine anyway.