Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dreaming of The Three Digit Club

The father of a woman who, with her own family with kids who were the age of our kids, was about to turn 99 years of age, in a senior residence along the eastern short of Delaware, and invited my wife and I to attend the festivities, since we have an oceanfront condo just a few miles to the south in Ocean City, Maryland. Turning 99 is pretty impressive, even in a home for the elderly, because most of us don’t live that long, or if we do, we aren’t greatly aware of it.

Her father was not only aware, he was ambitious to join the Three Digit Club - 100 years of age - and he figured if he was good enough to make the first 99 years, 365 more days would be a breeze. And, as a matter of fact, standing with the family members, it was easy enough to believe.

He was gracious, actively thanking everyone for showing up and bouncing around like that bouncing ball does on screen when they want the audience to sing along. We had known him somewhat, as a result of infrequent appearances at his daughter’s house during the years their kids and our kids were growing up. And, when the party was finally finished, my wife and I agreed that if anyone had a shot at the magic three figures club, it sure liked like he was a contender. Just 365 days away from the Three Digit Club.