Saturday, September 5, 2015

End of Life Blues

There are times in life when each of us needs assistance, if not for ourselves, then perhaps for someone we love or who we have been caring for lately. Stuff happens in life, and the worst of it happens during the last phase of life, and sometimes people find themselves in the hands of people they never expected to be with in their final moments. We’d all love to have family with us when it is our turn to depart life, but when death certainly nears, we are happy to have anyone take time to worry about our final minutes. We’ll take whichever angels are available to make our last minutes easier. All we pray for is for someone to hold our hand, to calm our fear and to sooth our panic and helplessness. With help, we may calm our inner devils long enough to thank our human angels for their heroic assistance, and to let them know that if there is a Heaven, and if we get there, they will certainly earn a free pass - if for no other reason than for the good words of your work that we will spread to officials of wherever we end up.