Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Great Healthy Food Ideas to Make You Lose Weight

Snacking is not bad if you choose the right and the healthy snacks following the healthy food ideas. An ideal snack should fill you with healthy calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and lots of fiber, and there should be no unhealthy and unsaturated fat, food preservatives and colors in them. To help you choose your snacks better, some healthy snacking options are shared here.

Fresh fruits

Fresh seasonal fruits form a good food. You should try to eat at least one fruit a day. As per your geographic location the fruits would differ, but there are some common fruits which would always give you a healthy start in the day when included in breakfast, or a healthy filler when eaten between two meals. You may choose from bananas, apples, pears, avocados, kiwis, mangoes etc. These are nutritional fruits with lots of vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrition.

If you are really busy to have your slices if fruits, then you can gulp down a glass of 150-200 ml of fresh fruit juice, but remember to take it unsweetened.


Yoghurts form a great part of snacks or meals. They are rich in probiotics which means the good bacteria that improves digestion. Yoghurts can be taken plain or with slices of fruits, or with little flavoring. But once again remember to take them unsweetened.


It’s another form of dairy product, which will leave you feeling full, and have lots of nutrients to give you great energy. A slice of cheese is said to be as good as a glass of milk, and has all the nutrients of milk with added benefits. After you eat cheese, the remnants of the eaten cheese in your mouth, acts as great anti-bacterial agents protecting your teeth and gums against decay.

Whole wheat

Choosing whole wheat over processed white wheat flour is one of the best healthy food ideas. The whole wheat has more fiber content, and prevents the storage of cholesterol in body. A good morning breakfast idea is to have unbuttered toasts made of whole wheat. Besides handmade breads made of whole wheat are always better than processed breads. You should always experiment by using whole wheat flour in your daily recipes. Try using then in pancakes, cakes, homemade cookies etc.


They are a great choice when it comes to fat free healthy food. Specially whole wheat pasta are even better as they contain loads of fiber. You can eat pasta in a variety of ways. There are several pasta recipes to suite the palate of residents of every country.