Sunday, September 20, 2015

Healthy Food Ideas to Avoid Packaged Snacks

One of the best ways to stay healthy and lead a good and balanced life is to see what you are eating. Often people invite in more problems and health hazards in their normal life by choosing the wrong foods. The wrongs foods comprises of the junk foods, the aerated or carbonated drinks, the processed foods, and all sorts of comfort foods. Before you keep on munching more on these foods in gatherings, parties, while viewing your favorite TV shows or sports, you should know how dangerous they can be for you, and how you get affected with those. Then only you would get inspired to follow the healthy food ideas for a healthy life.

Choose juices over Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks were first formulated with a noble though. To dissolve carbon dioxide in water, so that the soda water when ingested will make digestion easy, and keep bloating off your stomach. But with time and extreme commercialization, these drinks are now filled with lots of sugar and artificial coloring. Moreover, if you go by the scams and news released a few years ago, then you will see how the strong chemicals, pesticides and toxins in them are affecting the body starting from the enamel of the teeth to the mucosa lining of the stomach.

The alternatives to carbonated drinks are many. You can snack healthily with a cup of coffee, or tea, hot chocolate, a glass of milk, some fresh fruit juice, or vegetable smoothies like carrot and mint juice too. If you plan to follow the healthy food ideas then there are lots of healthy drinks that can replace the unhealthy carbonated drinks from your menu.

Choose popcorns over packaged snack and chips

If you think that munching on potato chips or packaged snacks is the most rocking thing that you can do with your friends, to stay fashionable and trendy, then you should know first what these hops are made of, and how will act inside your body.

Did you know about trans-fats or unsaturated fats? Well these are fats which are made due to the impartial or incomplete oxidation when you fry something. Any factory made food is abundant in unsaturated fats. The unsaturated fats cannot be digested well, and are thus stored in the body. Deposits of these unhealthy fats contribute to the bad cholesterol deposits in heart and arteries and also make you fat and obese gradually.

Potato chips which comes packaged are factory made in the same process, and thus become live bombs to explode and deposit fat in your body steadily. Moreover, to increase their shelf life they are also soaked in preservatives by the manufacturers, which you can’t see or taste, but the body gets deposits of toxins through them. Potato also is only filled with starch the vitamins and minerals in potato says bye bye with the thrown away potato skin and the deep frying of the chips. Therefore what you eat finally are just stores of carbohydrates, lots of unsaturated fats, and empty calories.

Good healthy food ideas are definitely there to snack fashionably. Try popcorns instead of chips, and see the difference. Popcorns would give you the excitement of snacking, and flavored popcorns available nowadays adds more to the joy. Eating popcorns would give you lots of fiber, energy, and vitamins, and will make your bowels clean too, but won’t give you unwanted calories.


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